Building Customer Driven Organizations

“VoC is arguably the most critical driver to your customer experience strategy. It provides the essential intelligence of your customers’ interests, needs, and discontents. VoC is critical to the customer experience strategy and design because it provides an unbiased viewpoint of what each unique customer experience really is like and empowers organizations to take a more targeted approach on where to strategically invest.”  

(Accenture, A New Operating Model for Driving Customer Insight)

What Matters . . .

to your customers, citizens, stakeholders, and members? That’s the big question of customer research and Converge Voice of the Customer Analytics (VoCAl) gives you the answer, providing the intelligence essential to your customer experience strategy. VoCAl is different from traditional customer survey research it gives you;

  • Accuracy and reliability. VoCAl replaces tests of statistical significance with tests of material significance. Traditional research conclusions based on statistical significance are wrong about 90% of the time (false positive rate). Can you afford that? VoCAl analytics gets it right better than 99% of the time.
  • Understanding what people value.  Value is the key to understanding requirements, motivations and behavior. Traditional research asks customers what they want. You already know; they want it all, want it now and want it for free. Value is what matters and that’s what VoCAl delivers.
  • Comprehensive data gathering. While surveys and focus groups comprise much our data gathering efforts, Converge extends these into your internal customer databases and even into social networks and websites.
  • Qualitative/Text analysis. VoCAl uses unbiased computer-based intelligence routines to mine qualitative/text data for the meaning behind the words. If your tired of long lists of verbatim statements, VoCAl’s concise analysis of what it ‘says’ ensures the real voice of the customer is heard.
  • Customer driven organization. Customer feedback is explicitly connected to service process or product design/redesign embedding the voice of the customer directly into your processes and organizational DNA.

Converge VoCAl tells you what matters to your customers–what they value and does so in a manner that provides a comprehensive, three-dimensional picture with unequaled accuracy and reliability.


The Magic of Pull

Organizational Framework for the Customer Driven Enterprise

The past two decades have seen a remarkable shift from push to pull. Organizations pursuing Quality, Continuous Improvement, Operational Excellence and Customer Experience & Relationship Management are all engaged, whether they realize it or not, in customer pull.

Marketing and communications strategy will always blend push and pull elements, but in the interests of effectiveness and sustainability, pull strategies now dominate business thinking and practice. It’s a pull world.

The Customer Driven/Centric business is defined by the degree to which pull drives product design, service processes, branding communications and production.